Top five reasons to study as an adult learner

1 April, 2022 1:55 pm

Although returning to education as an adult can seem like a daunting prospect, there are endless amounts of benefits to sharpening up your study skills beyond the age of 19.

We spoke with adult learner, Sahresh Akhter, who studies GCSE English and Maths at Keighley College, to discover the top reasons to study as an adult.

Meeting new people

“Before returning to learning, I was stuck at home and suffered from severe depression. I was keen to go out in different settings and meet new people. I’ve met so many fantastic teachers and peers through college, who have really supported my personal growth.”

Inspiring staff

“The teaching and non-teaching staff are an inspiration to me. Most of them are female, who are all empowering, hard working and supportive.

“I received fantastic support from the college’s community employment coach, Betts Fetherston, who worked with me to find the right university course and apply for it.”


“Achieving a work-life balance can be achievable as an adult learner. I have a son, and due to the flexibility of my course, I can work my studies around him.”

Personal growth

“After starting my course, I noticed how much confidence I had gained. My self-esteem improved and I learnt how to manage my time effectively.”

Increased opportunities 

“Gaining qualifications as an adult opens up many exciting job prospects. I’m incredibly proud to have been offered a fully-funded scholarship to study Advanced Practice in Peace Building and Conflict Resolution at the University of Bradford.

“In the future, I’d love to work for the United Nations on women’s rights in developing countries and promoting higher education for women.”

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