Travelling safely to Keighley College

We want everyone to get to college safely. Covid-19 means we all need to take more care when we travel, but this doesn’t mean we can’t choose healthy, affordable or eco-friendly travel choices.

You can find the latest government Covid-19 travel guidelines here, along with handy FAQs explaining what to do in the event of a future outbreak here.

You can also find a summary of the main transport choices you have below.

Keighley College


As the NHS reminds us, walking is simple, free and one of the easiest ways to get more active, keep fit and become healthier. Make sure you wear comfy shoes if you’re walking to college. Just 10 minutes a day has plenty of health benefits.

Make sure you plan your route (using Google Maps or a similar platform). You could also try the Active 10 app to track the walking you’re already doing (alongside your progress), as you build it into your routine. There are also pedometer apps, where you can set daily step targets.

If you’re within walking distance of college, you’ll save money too. Please remember to maintain a social distance of two metres as you walk.

If you take the bus or train into Keighley, our campus is a two minute walk from the train station and six minutes from the bus station.


Cycling is a great way to bring exercise into your routine. It has mental and physical health benefits, zero carbon footprint and it’s another money saver.

Your safety and security is important when cycling, so please ensure that you:

  • Always wear a helmet
  • Use bike lights and reflectors
  • Wear high visibility clothes if possible (black cycling shorts/tops may look cool, but make you difficult to see in the dark – try to avoid these)
  • Always bring locks to keep your bike secure

Keighley College has bike racks where you can leave your bike, but please bring your own lock and chain.

On average, commuters who drive spend an average of £1,932 and add 1204kg of CO2 to our air each year. Commuters who take public transport also spend an average of £1,117 each year. You can do your bit for the planet by cycling.

If you’re a staff member, we have a Cycle to Work scheme. Please contact HR to discuss this.


Taking the bus to college is practical for many of us, but with Covid-19 measures in place, we need to follow safety measures.

If you take the bus, please ensure that you consider the following:

  • It is now a legal requirement to wear face coverings on public transport.
  • Maintain social distancing (there is no standing and seats have been cordoned off)
  • Use e-tickets, pay via contactless, or give exact change where possible
  • Remain seated until the bus stops
  • Remember that seat numbers are reduced and this might make your commute time longer

The bus station is fully open, including its ticket office and shops. Social distancing measures are in place and a face covering must be worn. Our campus is a six-minute walk away from the station.

Some companies are also using seat finder tools online or through apps. Try and take advantage of these if you can.


You can reach Keighley by train. Remember to follow Covid-19 safety measures whilst on board.

If you take the train, please remember:

  • It is now a legal requirement to wear face coverings on public transport
  • To maintain social distancing of one metre at all times
  • To use e-tickets where possible and buy in advance to reduce face-to-face contact

Capacity has been reduced on all services and there is no standing allowed on board. Please allow extra time in case you can’t board your intended service. Catering services are not running on the majority of services, but station facilities are open.

The train station is fully open, including the ticket office, shops and food vendors. Social distancing measures are in place and face coverings must be worn. Our campus is a two-minute walk from the station.

Some companies are running seat finder tools online or through apps. Try and take advantage of these if you can.


Please follow Covid-19 measures, even if you are car sharing. Please remember that it is now the law to wear a face covering in a taxi and that car sharing is currently the leading cause of Covid cases in West Yorkshire.

Try to avoid car journeys with people from different households or bubbles. If you do, open your windows for ventilation and wear a mask.

There is some disabled parking available on site. If you need access to this, please contact the college, as space is limited.

There are no student parking spaces available on site. If you need access due to disability or mobility, the college will try to find a spot for you, but this isn’t always guaranteed.