T Levels are a new two-year qualification designed to give 16 to 19 year-olds the practical skills employers look for. The ‘T’ stands for ‘technical’, making them an exciting alternative to vocational courses and apprenticeships.

T Levels


We’re proud to offer T Level courses in four areas Education and Childcare, Healthcare Science, Digital Production, Design and Development and Management and Administration. One T Level is equivalent to three A levels – giving you an easier way to pair classroom learning with real work experience. T Levels are ideal for anyone who wants to take a different route after GCSEs.


To apply for a T Level course all you need to do is fill out our online application form and select your T Level choice in the ‘Course Option’ drop down.


Why choose a T Level?

Studying a T Level is a rewarding experience due to the vast amount of knowledge and experience they provide. A T Level lets you:

  • Take a different route after GCSEs
  • Specialise in your chosen subject
  • Focus on one course – one T Level equals three A Levels
  • Receive a nationally recognised qualification
  • Mix 80% classroom work with 20% work experience
  • Get a headstart in your desired industry
  • Gain transferable technical skills
  • Have real-life experience from industry placements
  • Learn what a real career is like as you study
  • Put the skills you learn into practice
  • Study a course endorsed by more than 200 businesses
  • Take a free course – no tuition fees
Who can study a T Level?

T Levels are designed for 16 to 19 year-olds who have finished their GCSEs, but don’t want to do an apprenticeship or separate A levels. They’re ideal for anyone looking to blend classroom learning with real work experience, and they allow employers to nurture the younger generation through industry placements.

What is an industry placement?

Industry placements are an opportunity to learn skills directly from employers in your area of interest. You will receive in-depth training, as well as the chance to apply what you learn in a real-life work environment. Your placement will last for a minimum of 315 hours (around 45 days).

How do I organise a placement?

We will help you find a suitable business for your industry placement and it will be based with one of our Leeds City Region employers. We have partnered with over 200 businesses to secure work experience for students where they can receive industry training to increase their readiness for work. Many of our learners have been offered paid work as a result of their placement.

What qualifications will I achieve?

You will gain a nationally recognised certificate upon completion of your T Level course. Certificates will display the overall grade received – a pass, merit, distinction or distinction*. Information on the modules you studied will also be provided – highlighting the skills you’ve learnt to universities and employers.

What can I do with a T Level?

After gaining a T Level qualification you can progress to university or start your professional career. With the amount of experience you’ll have, your possibilities will be endless!


If a T Level doesn’t sound like the right fit for you, why not take a look at our other options for school leavers? We offer a wide range of vocational courses and apprenticeships.

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