What next?

What makes you tick? What kind of things fascinate or inspire you, or just make you happy? These will give you clues about the kind of jobs and careers that might suit you. On the other hand, what kind of things really turn you off? Knowing this will help you to avoid getting into jobs that you just can’t stand. There are plenty of online quizzes to help you answer these sorts of questions, and many of them are free.

Take the iCould Buzz Test – what animal are you?
BigAmbition: What’s your Dream Job?
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Careers by Industry

For central careers information for parents and stakeholders please follow this link. This also includes the Careers Policy, Provider Access Statement, Careers Programme  and details of the college Careers Leader. and Careers Team.

CVs, Applications & Interviews

When you are looking for work, apprenticeships or work experience, you will need an up-to-date CV, most likely have to complete an online application form and then attend an interview. This process can be daunting; however, we’ve provided you with these excellent resources to get you started.

Create and build your CV
Help with application forms
How to give a brilliant phone interview
How to ace an interview
Understanding Job adverts
Social Media and job searching

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Applying to University

We have all the information you need when researching and applying to university. You may want help in deciding whether to apply, what to apply for, or what to do at any stage of the application process, so make the most of the excellent resources in this section.

University and College Admissions Service
See how many UCAS points your Level 3 course accrues
Find out when universities are running open days
Search for and critically compare courses
Independent university advice
Get advice from university students at the UKs largest online student community
Get help writing your personal statement