Plumbing students spread positive message

7 May, 2020 3:00 pm

Since the temporary closure of Keighley College, Level 1 Plumbing students have been working hard to complete assignments each week. They regularly communicate on Google Hangouts to discuss academic work and experiences during lockdown.

Si Tallon, English teacher, said: “I recently gave them an assignment focusing on staying positive and motivated during these unprecedented times. I’m pleased to see most of them participating in regular exercise, supporting neighbours, spending quality time with family, learning new skills and completing assignments. While studying from home, they have really engaged in learning and I’m incredibly proud of their efforts!”

Student Brandon Wadkin commented on keeping positive during lockdown: “During this pandemic, I have stayed positive throughout by getting up at 9am every morning to do a Joe Wicks exercise on YouTube. This helps me be motivated because it releases positive chemicals into my body and I feel full of energy.”

Kadeer Rashid said: “I stay in touch with my education by doing all my coursework, reading books to improve my English and completing online HegartyMaths, so when I do come back to college I can carry on being punctual with my work.”

Raheem Ali added: “I have tried something new by learning a different language. I am currently learning Turkish and so far it is going good. Doing tasks like this is great as you won’t feel the boredom.”

Xander Cowburn said: “You can stay positive by keeping a clear mindset. You can do this by listening to music that sounds the way you want to feel. You could also meditate if you want to. By staying positive it will boost your self- confidence and self-esteem. Also keeping a positive attitude is not just good for your health it is also good for keeping a good mindset.”