Neurodiversity Week

16 March, 2020 10:07 am

At Keighley College, we recognise that each student has different educational needs and we’re keen to celebrate these differences during Neurodiversity Week on 16-20 March.

Neurodiversity Week encourages schools to make a positive change in acknowledging learning differences and appreciating the strengths of neurodiverse students, such as creativity and problem solving skills.

We have a fantastic group of young people who process information in different ways. Neurodiverse people are an asset in the workforce and we’re passionate about raising awareness of their talents to give them a fair chance of employment and life fulfilment.

Students will be taking part in projects during the week, including researching what the word means and why we should celebrate neurodiverse people, as well as looking at famous people with learning differences and their achievements.

World Down Syndrome Day also takes place during this week, so we will also be hosting a bake sale on 16 March to raise money. From tray bakes to biscuits, there’ll be plenty of sweet treats on offer. We’ll also be welcoming a Down Syndrome dance company for a spectacular lunch time performance at 12 noon.

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