Keighley College’s mock election reveals young people’s views

13 December, 2019 3:53 pm

Keighley College held a mock election for students in the run up to the general election. Among the students who took part, over 70% voted for Labour.

This result among the college’s 16-18 year olds, is in contrast to Keighley & Ilkley constituency’s Conservative majority.

The aim of the mock election was to promote democracy, British values and educate young people on the importance of having a collective voice in the community.

Health & Social Care student, Safoora-Amaani Uddin, had the opportunity to be part of Keighley & Ilkley’s election count on Thursday night, following an interview with ITV Calendar.

The 18 year old said: “I was involved in college debates with regional broadcast media about the issues that are important to young people. I was then invited by ITN to be part of the counting process at Keighley Leisure Centre.

“It was a great opportunity to be part of such a significant event, along with 100 other counters. Seeing the live feed throughout the night ramped up the tense atmosphere. Before this experience, I had a good knowledge of politics but my interest wasn’t that big. This has changed my view and I feel far more engaged in the democratic process.”

Safoora is hoping to go to university in Rottherdam, with the aim of working in the social care sector. Following the announcement of the election results, she is now concerned about her future.

“The results of the election will inevitably affect my plans of studying abroad and the industry that I’m hoping to find a career in. It’s now a waiting game to see what happens next.”