Foundation Studies students learn important messages from transport conference

21 October, 2019 11:17 am

On 17 October, Foundation Studies students attended People First’s Disability, Transport & Hate Crime Conference. This was an excellent opportunity for students to take part in democracy by airing concerns they have about local public transport, as well as highlighting services that are working well.

Students enjoyed being part of their community and took a keen interest in the topics being discussed. The event was well attended, with managers from Metro, TransDev, Bradford Council and local taxi services representing their organisations who all led Q&A sessions. The conference also highlighted important issues about hate crime, and what people could do if they felt they were being targeted due to their disabilities.

We made new contacts at the event, and will be inviting some speakers from TransDev into college to help students apply for travel passes and provide safety info and resource packs for learners. Our students did the college proud, they were attentive and enthusiastic, and took on board many of the issues being discussed.