• Overview

    Pre-Internships are for students who are not quite ready to go into the work place. After one year, Pre-Interns may progress to a 1-Year Supported Internship which will include time spent in the work place. Students are also expected to study English and maths alongside.
  • Who is this course for?

    This is for students who hold a current Educational Health Care Plan (EHCP) up to the age of 24.
  • Entry Requirements

    You will need to take part in an informal interview and selection day where various tasks will be presented and assessed.
  • Assessment Types

    Regular meetings and reviews in order to achieve a credited qualification.
  • Units/Modules

    Pre-Internships are structured study programmes set in the college premises. The pre-internship equips students with learning diffulties or disabilities to gain skills they need to progress onto a full Supported Internship and time spent in the work place. They also include English and maths study and a chance to gain qualifications where appropriate.
  • Careers/Progression

    It is hoped that at the end of the year students will progress to the one-year Supported Internship within the College and work place. Students are expected to build up experience and skills.
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