NCFE Level 2 Extended Certificate in Travel and Tourism

This course is taught by experienced travel and tourism staff who bring their knowledge of the industry to achieve the course aims. They will offer support to provide learners with an understanding of the principles of the travel and tourism industry and allow them to explore the various avenues of work within this industry and to allow learners to gain transferable skills that can be applied to the workplace or further study.

The objective of this qualification is to help learners to gain an understanding of the travel and tourism industry to prepare learners to progress to further study at level 3 and higher and understand and develop the skills necessary to work within the travel and tourism industry.

  • Overview

    The course will use a blend of practical and theory assessment methods in subject areas such as customer service, World and UK travel destinations and travel agency operations.

    While completing this qualification, learners may develop the knowledge, understanding and essential skills employers look for in employees. These range from familiar ‘key skills’ such as team working, independent learning and problem solving, to more tricky-to-measure skills such as:

    • An appreciation for appropriate behaviour and dress
    • Appropriate interpersonal skills
    • Communicating with professional colleagues/peers and/or hierarchical seniors
    • Supporting other aspiring employees
    • Personal manners and deportment
    • Understanding work practices and how different roles and departments function within an organisation
  • Who is this course for?

    These qualifications are designed for learners who want to go on to further learning at Level 3 or into a relevant travel and tourism role. They’re particularly relevant for those aged 16-18 undertaking a large programme of full-time study but are also relevant to adult learners who may be changing career or entering a new industry and need a solid background in this area.

  • Entry Requirements

    3 GCSEs at level 3 or above or equivalent.
  • Assessment Types

    The course is based on a portfolio built over the year and includes:

    • Practical assessments
    • Written assignment Tasks
  • Units/Modules

    • Unit 01 Customer service in travel and tourism
    • Unit 02 The UK travel and tourism industry
    • Unit 03 Travel and tourism destinations
    • Unit 07 Travel agency operations
    • Unit 08 Hospitality in travel and tourism
    • Unit 16 UK coastal tourism
  • Benefits/Skills

    From this course you will gain an insight into the travel and tourism industry and develop skills such as teamworking, communication and knowledge of the travel industry that will position you for future employment.
  • Careers/Progression

    Learners who achieve these qualifications could progress to:

    • Level 3 Certificate or Diploma in Travel and Tourism
    • Employment in the Travel and Tourism industry
  • Did you know?

    One year course leading to level 3 Introductory Certificate
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Jobs in this sector

Live data from the DoE's LMI API
  • Travel agency managers and proprietors

    Average Salary
    Job market for 2022
    Estimated job market for 2025
    Estimated 264 future jobs in the next 3 years.
  • Elementary security occupations n.e.c.

    Average Salary
    Job market for 2022
    Estimated job market for 2025
    Estimated 11 future jobs in the next 3 years.
  • Chief executives and senior officials

    Average Salary
    Job market for 2022
    Estimated job market for 2025
    Estimated 3334 future jobs in the next 3 years.
  • Mobile machine drivers and operatives n.e.c.

    Average Salary
    Job market for 2022
    Estimated job market for 2025
    Estimated 219 future jobs in the next 3 years.
  • Business, research and administrative professionals n.e.c.

    Average Salary
    Job market for 2022
    Estimated job market for 2025
    Estimated 1508 future jobs in the next 3 years.