English Literature

  • Overview

    A level English Literature introduces you to a wide range of authors from Shakespeare to contemporary literature. You will learn how to analyse text, explore critical theory and express your evaluation with clarity and precision.

    Combining the study of various genres of fiction with critical theory, you will broaden your understanding of literature within its historical and cultural context. Exploring important theory, including Marxism and feminism, you will learn to contextualise as well as evaluate fiction. This course encourages independent study and as such, you will increase your ability to research beyond the classroom.

  • Entry Requirements

    Five GCSEs at grade 9-4, including English and maths.
  • Careers/Progression

    Equipping you with the ability to analyse and contextualise, as well as developing your independent study skills, A level English Literature is an excellent foundation for further study. Given its depth and complexity, it is a highly respected qualification and will prepare you for further study at university where it can be read as a single subject or combined with languages or other humanities subjects.

    Career routes include journalism, marketing and teaching, however, this is such a well-regarded qualification, the career options are plentiful.

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