Students open up to BBC Look North

24 May, 2024 5:54 pm

Our students and first-time voters have been sharing their thoughts on the current political landscape with BBC Look North.

Media attention is once again turning our district’s way thanks to the Keighley and Ilkley constituency’s renowned status as a ‘bellwether’ swing seat during general election years.

With this year’s election now set for Thursday 4 July and as some of our students prepare to cast their vote for the first time, BBC Look North presenter Phil Bodmer was keen to talk to them about what they see as priorities for the political battle ahead.

What did our first-time voters have to say?

An image of a teenage girl appears on the news. The teenager is wearing glasses, a black top and has dark coloured hair.
Young people are tired of empty promises, says one student.

Health and social care student, Saif Rehman, cited employment as a key issue: “There are 17 year olds that can’t find jobs here because there aren’t many opportunities”.

She also called on politicians to make achievable, rather than empty promises, adding: “Now it’s the younger generation’s turn so take into account what they want from you and if you can make it happen, make it happen.”

It’s time to engage with young people

A teenage boy wearing a dark shirt is appears on a television screen showing the evening news. He is speaking mid-sentence to the camera.
Engineering apprentice Oscar Gamble thinks MPs should connect with young people

Meanwhile, engineering apprentice Oscar Gamble, said aspiring MPs had their work cut out just to get young people interested.

He had this message for them: “Think of new ways to get younger people into politics. Quite a lot of people that I know are not really bothered.”

In the end, it was Phil who summed it up: “Whichever party wins here tends to be the party that picks up the keys to number 10 Downing Street.”