Keighley College students experience army life

1 October, 2018 9:57 am

On 19 September 2018, the Public Services and Sports staff and students took part in a day-long multi-activity exercise with the British Army Outreach Unit from York. Despite high winds and rain showers, the day was a great success, with all the students gaining valuable experience and knowledge on how a recruit in the army learns to work as part of a team. Around 50 Keighley College students took part in the sessions, which saw them tackle numerous different forces themed ‘command tasks’ in teams. Each team was given 15 minutes to carry out each task by using their teamwork and problem solving abilities.

The tasks included the following:

‘A Bridge Too Far’: teams used two planks to build a bridge between three platforms. ‘Five Tyres’:  teams moved five numbered tyres from one end of a course to another. ‘The Minefield’: teams used ammunition boxes as stepping stones through a ‘minefield’. ‘Barrel Retrieval’: students recovered a barrel from the centre of a ‘minefield’ through teamwork and ropes whilst avoiding the danger zone. Running and other physical activities were offered to warm up the group to give them a taste of the fitness regime of the army. All of this was followed by the whole group completing an army drill session, learning how to come to attention and march as a squad. Mark Hargreaves, Service Profession Programme Manager for Keighley College, said: “This was a brilliant, practical session that really tested the skills and ingenuity of our students while taking part in a variety of fun activities. The tasks were all designed to test their problem solving, teamwork and leadership skills and they showed the importance of working together to achieve their aims”. The session was held as part of Keighley College’s Public Services and Sports courses work experience. Work Experience is designed to help improve students’ personal skills outside the classroom, such as communication and leadership, both desirable skills to employers in later life.