Keighley College promotes kindness through new initiative

25 August, 2021 1:10 pm

Keighley College is putting wellbeing at the forefront of its agenda by launching a new initiative, Kinder Colleges.

In a bid to promote wellbeing across the college, the programme encourages students and staff to become champions of kindness by participating in wellness activities across the district.

Underpinned by six key themes: Kinder to Self, Kinder Relationships, Kinder to the Planet, Kinder Spaces, Kinder Business and Kinder Communities, the inclusive project aims to enhance awareness of social responsibility and inspire good wellbeing practice among the college’s staff and students.

Steve Kelly, Principal at Keighley College, said: “The pandemic has been incredibly tough for our staff and students, however it allowed us time to reflect on the importance of wellbeing. It has been touching to see our community come together to support each other during challenging times, and we’re committed to embodying this culture of kindness within the college.

“Kinder Colleges is focused on inspiring students and staff to become active citizens with the community, which might be seen through volunteering, planting trees or random acts of kindness. We’re encouraging our learners and colleagues to let us know about the outstanding work they’ve been doing by tagging #KinderColleges on social media.

“As a college, we work closely within the community to undertake volunteering, charity work and fundraising, and we’re excited to see the rollout of similar activities as part of this initiative.”

More information on Kinder Colleges is available by visiting

Keighley College promotes kindness through new initiative