BTEC Level 2 National Certificate in Esports

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  • Overview

    The BTEC Level 2 National Extended Certificate in Esports is a one year course, designed to provide learners with the skills necessary to adapt to the frequent changes of the esports industry. This is a very exciting course and is designed for post-16 learners who would like to develop their skills and understanding of event management, sports, social platforms, creative industries and business and enterprise.

    The esports industry is a fast-growing global industry which is fast growing and will be worth 3.1 billion pounds by 2025. Esports is defined as organised competitive gaming, which is human versus human, either as individuals or in teams. This suite of qualifications includes a breadth of transferrable skills that enable learners to experience esports in different areas to aid their progression to employment, directly or via further study.

    Esports offers a unique opportunity to deliver a curriculum that teaches concepts in the context of multiple skills and subject areas at once. It provides an opportunity for alignment of social, physical, mental and financial skills into one qualification to deepen and expand learning, skills which are highly valued in the changing and fluid workplace. Learners must apply strategy, skill and teamwork to be successful.

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  • Who is this course for?

    This qualification is intended for post-16 learners who have chosen to focus their learning and career development within the world of esports and who are looking for an engaging and stimulating qualification which will prepare them for successful performance in working life and progression into employment by developing a range of essential skills, techniques and attitudes.

  • Entry Requirements

    Learners should have a minimum of 4 GCSEs at grade 4 and above including English and Maths.
  • Assessment Types

    All units are internally assessed and assessment is in the form of assignments and projects.
  • Units/Modules

    Learners taking this qualification will study four mandatory units:

    • Esports Games
    • Teams and Tournaments
    • Establishing an Esports Organisation
    • Streaming for Esports
    • Plan an Esports Event
  • Benefits/Skills

    • Develop your social and communication skills
    • Event organisation and management
    • Develop problem solving, decision making and multitasking skills
    • Become a strong team player
    • Promote leadership skills
    • Broadcasting and game design
  • Careers/Progression

    Learners taking this qualification may also want to progress to further study such as Pearson BTEC Level 3 Nationals in Esports, Information Technology, Creative Media, Sport, Enterprise and Entrepreneurship or Business.

    The qualification is endorsed by The British Esports Association as being suitable for learners wanting to work in this industry. This means that it will be recognised by employers in a range of roles. Successful completion of this qualification could also lead to being fully prepared to progress to an apprenticeship in the related sector, for example, in events, digital marketing or creative media for example.

    There is a wide variety of job roles learners may choose to pursue, some of them are:

    • Professional Gaming
    • Team Coaching
    • Sales
    • Product Management
    • PR and Marketing
    • Gaming
    • Data Analysis
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Jobs in this sector

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  • Chief executives and senior officials

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    Estimated job market for 2025
    Estimated 3334 future jobs in the next 3 years.
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  • Conservation and environmental associate professionals

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