A level experience

27 January, 2021 2:26 pm

A levels at Keighley College focus on building important practical skills demanded by employers, while also developing valuable academic abilities.

We caught up with two first year students to understand more about their A level experience.

Why did you choose to study A levels at Keighley College?

Corey Cyhanko: The college offered a really interesting course pathway which involves a mixture of A level Business, IT and Law. These subjects help me understand how business works which will be useful to me when leaving school. 

Junaid Hussain: The Business, IT and Law pathway was the best option for me as it allows me to develop a strong understanding of strategy, the legal system and the IT sector. 

What has been your experience of studying A levels at college?

Corey: It has been fantastic! The teachers are so welcoming and helpful which makes a big difference. The A level environment is very comfortable, we have a quiet study area which is perfect for concentrating on work.

Junaid: It’s been a great few months since starting in September and I know it’s only going to get better. I like the fact that I can type up my notes on Google Drive, this really helps my learning process.

What are your plans once you complete A levels?

Corey: When I finish my A levels in 2022, I would like to apply to university to study law or criminology.

Junaid: I plan on attending university to one day become a chartered accountant. 
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