Level 1 Certificate in Business & Events

If you like arranging events, and also enjoy the business aspect behind those events including organising, running and financial aspects, this is the perfect course for you!
  • Overview

    This exciting course incorporates a wide range of Business and Event units to allow learners a broad introduction to the skills and knowledge within the business environment. Alternative methods for collecting evidence are used throughout the course, with students being given a choice of these to enable them to take some ownership of their own learning.
  • Entry Requirements

    If you wish to enrol to this course, you could come with a range of qualifications including GCSE’s, some units of qualifications already taken, or have few or no qualifications.

    Students should have a genuine interest in Business and Events, a commitment to complete homework and project work on time, and the ability to communicate and demonstrate socially acceptable behaviour in College.

  • Assessment Types

    You will be assessed continually by assignments and practical activities, including presentations and project work. These are externally moderated by the examination body.
  • Units/Modules

    You will cover a selection of topics which may include:

    • Being organised
    • Developing a personal progression plan
    • Presenting a business idea
    • Contribute to running an event
    • Communicating with customers
    • Recording income and expenditure
  • Benefits/Skills

    You will gain a wider knowledge In Business and Events along with personal and social development skills.

    The course is linked to employability skills, where guidance and support will be continuously given to help your progression from Level 1 and upwards through your Business and Events career pathway.

  • Careers/Progression

    If you successfully pass all the units within the qualification, you have the opportunity to progress onto a range of higher qualifications at Keighley College. Progression pathways include Level 2 Business and Level 2 Travel and Events. You will have the opportunity to discuss the path you would prefer towards the end of this course with your tutor, and we also have career advisors available as well.
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