Introduction to Starting Your Own Business ONLINE

If you have always wanted to start your own business but had no clue where to start, look no further!

Please note, only students aged 19 and over can apply for this course.

  • Overview

    This introductory course provides you with information about different types of businesses. We also provide you with the skills needed to set up a new enterprise and marketing it effectively. The course is all taught online. Taught sessions will amount to 2 hours a week taught, and students are expected to commit another 2 hours a week to self-study in your own time.
  • Entry Requirements

    This course has no formal entry requirements.
  • Units/Modules

    Session 1:An Introduction to business and enterprise:

    • What is a business?
    • Aims and objectives of business
    • Why businesses exist?
    • What they produce/ who benefits from them?
    • Different forms business ownerships

    Session 2: Enterprise:

    • Introduction to Enterprise
    • Setting up a New Enterprise
    • The Skills needed to run an Enterprise
    • Spotting a business Opportunities and Risk
    • Putting a business idea into practice
    • Negotiation
    • Help and Support for Enterprise

    Session 3: Making the business effective:

    • Location of business
    • Proximity to the market
    • Availability of labour
    • Availability of materials
    • Competitors
    • Online business OR fixed premises

    Session 4: Marketing decision:

    • Marketing mix
    • Business Plans
    • Understanding Finance
  • Careers/Progression

    Upon completion of this course, you will receive a college certificate.

    You may wish to further your business skills and undertake a Level 1 qualification.

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