Foundation Studies – Life Skills

  • Overview

    This course is most suited to students who have mild to moderate learning difficulties or disabilities. High levels of individual educational and pastoral support are provided.

  • Entry Requirements

    All students continue with their English and maths, this may be at a functional skills or at a GCSE level, as appropriate.
  • Assessment Types

    Your progress is assessed throughout the year.
  • Units/Modules

    The students who choose Life Skills are working on developing skills that will enable them to work towards semi-independence. Typically they aspire to move into supported living and participate in their communities in volunteer roles.

    Progress is highly personalised and learning activities are designed to enable each student to work towards individualised targets that are meaningful to him/her and in keeping with his or her goals and aspirations. Learning activities tend to be practical and the emphasis is on enjoyment. English and maths skills are embedded into learning activities so learners can develop these skills in a functional way. Where appropriate, learners can gain English and maths qualifications.

    Learners can also develop skills by working within a college-based enterprise. The course is designed for students aged sixteen or over and lcan last for up to 3 years.

  • Careers/Progression

    At the end of one year, learners can remain on Life Skills for another one or two years or progress onto a higher level course or the Supported Internship as appropriate.
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