Bricklaying C&G Level 2 Diploma

This is a stem subject logo Our qualification is aimed at people wanting to learn skills in bricklaying, to progress on to becoming skilled in their chosen trade, or to progress through an apprenticeship and work towards becoming a fully qualified bricklayer.
  • Overview

    At this level candidates are likely to have settled on a chosen trade, and may also be gaining some experience in the workplace in order to develop skills and knowledge to become employable in this area. They are becoming skilled in the use of the wider range of tools including power tools and have a growing understanding of materials and the importance of housekeeping. They are taking more responsibility for carrying out well defined tasks, making choices about the methods that are appropriate and dealing with straight forward problems.

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  • Entry Requirements

    Study Programme C&G Level 1 Certificate in Construction

    If you are under 19 and you do not already have English & Maths GCSE grades 4-9 or equivalent you will be required to undertake GCSE or Functional Skills alongside your main qualification.

  • Assessment Types

    Your progress is assessed throughout the year. You will develop a variety of construction skills which will be tested by practical demonstration of your competence throughout the course.

    You will also undertake theory exams.

  • Units/Modules

    You will learn by a series of extended practical exercises in well-equipped workshops backed up by relevant classroom theory. This includes learning all aspects of basic brickwork including mixing mortar, cutting components and laying bricks and blocks.

    You will cover the following topics:

    • Health, Safety and Welfare in Construction
    • Principles of Building Construction, Information and Communication
    • Interpreting working drawings to set out masonry structures
    • Producing thin joint masonry and masonry cladding
    • Construct solid walling, isolated and attached piers
    • Construct cavity walling forms masonry structures

    You will be following a Level 2 City and Guilds programme.

  • Benefits/Skills

    The Level 2 programme provides a major input to a framework for an apprenticeship. Throughout the course you will develop the skills and knowledge needed to become a competent and qualified Bricklayer.
  • Careers/Progression

    You can progress to a bricklaying Level 3 qualification at Keighley College, or to a Brickwork Apprenticeship.
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