1. A-Level – Business/Law Pathway (2 years)

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    Course Code: 72891-01

    Are you interested in the ever-changing world of business and how it interacts with our legal system? Through this pathway, you will acquire two A levels in Business and Law alongside an IT CTEC Introductory Diploma Level 3. You will develop your critical thinking skills and your sense of morality and justice.

    Studying the Business A level will provide you with a strong understanding of topics including business objectives and strategy, entrepreneurship, global business, marketing, finance, human resources and operations management. You will be introduced to business operations and discover the many functional areas needed for a business to succeed.

    The law component of this pathway provides a deep insight into our legal system, including the framework underpinning our society and the implications for citizens. During your first year, you will be introduced to criminal and tort law. Second year studies will focus on your understanding of tort law through vicarious liability and defences.

    While studying your IT CTEC Introductory Diploma Level 3, you will develop relevant employability skills by gaining insight into the IT sector, including technological change, IT infrastructure, the flow of global information and legal considerations.

  2. A level – Sociology & Psychology Pathway

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    Course Code: 72892-01

    Do you want to delve into the past of human culture and explore the history behind identity and behaviour? This two-year pathway combines Sociology and Psychology A levels while allowing you to achieve a Health and Social Care NCFE Applied General Certificate Level 3.

    While studying sociology, you will learn how society has evolved over the centuries and discover the impact media has on our lives. You will also develop an understanding of cultural and identity issues, underpinning social class, gender and ethnicity.

    The psychology component is designed to develop your knowledge of psychological approaches, theories, concepts and methods. Research will be a key focus, including statistical tests to interpret data. You’ll explore insightful case studies and discuss key debates within psychology.

    The Health and Social Care Certificate Level 3 is designed to enable you to access Higher Education and will support progression into the workplace. You will learn about human growth and development, infection prevention and control, and psychological and sociological perspectives. These units will provide you with a clear insight into the world of work through real life placements.

  3. A-Level Pathway (3 years)

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    Course Code: 72893-01

    This pathway is available to applicants who may have not previously studied GCSEs and provides academic foundations in GCSE English, maths, psychology and business.

    On successful completion in year one, you will progress on to either the Social Science Pathway or Business or Law Pathway in years two and three.

    Find out more information on the two different pathways below:

    Two year Business/Law pathway
    Two year Social Science pathway

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